Welcome. We can turn your sketch into a professional floorplan, from just £9.99.

At Sketchplan we simply convert your drawn floorplan sketches into professional looking 2D and 3D interactive floorplans at a fraction of the cost of using a professional floorplan company.

Why use Sketchplan?

We have over 10 years professional experience producing floorplans for property professionals.

: about us :

Only a 24-36hr turnaround to receive your professional 2D floorplan.

We use the latest CAD software, ensuring we can convert your sketches professionally and quickly.

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Archilogic 3D Floor plans with virtual furnishing

You can add virtual furniture, colour walls and add flooring and textures to your 3D floorplan. Take a look at example to understand how it works.

View example

sketch + order

Sketch your floorplan using the download graph sheet. Read our how-to-guide to understand what to include in your sketch. We can make it as simple or as complex as you require. We have three types of floorplan to choose from – 2D, 3D and 3D interactive. Order and pay for your desired plan from our online store.

scan + send

Once you have ordered your plan, we’ll email you confirmation. Scan in your sketch – or take a high quality photo – and email it to the address specified in your confirmation email. Leave the rest to us – we will have your sketch produced and in your inbox within 24 – 36 Hours excluding weekends and holidays. Just sit back and wait.


check + amend

Upon receiving your professional floorplan, check it carefully. One round of amends is included in the price. These will need to be sent via email within one week of receiving your plan. We are sure you’ll be very happy with the end results, so we thank you and hope you use Sketchplan again in the future.


Can I see some examples of 2D and 3D floorplans?


Yes, simply view at our examples page, which includes samples of sketches, 2D floorplans and a demo of Archilogic and Floorplanner: 3D interactive floorplans. The cost of a 2D floorplan starts from as little as £9.99 for a one-bedroom, up to £34.99 for a six bedroom floorplan. If you would like your floor plan to be added to Archilogic of Floorplanner, so you can add furniture and create a 3D floorplan online yourself, it’s only an from extra £29.

How can I order and send my sketch online?

Check out our how-to-guide to understand what elements to include in your sketch. Then got to our ORDER NOW shop upload your sketches and purchase according to the number of bedrooms in your floorplan. You will then receive your 2D floorplan within 36 hours.

What should you include on your plan?

: View our How-To-Guide :
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